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Saturday 22nd February 2003: Hello Everyone!

Check out our One Last Dance page for some exciting news about Patrick and Lisa's dance film directly from Patrick himself!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 9th February 2003: Hello Everyone!

Fabulous news directly from Patrick and Lisa! We can now reveal to you ( * please see note below) that since last week, they have been in the process of showing Without A Word to distributors - and they are big name companies I can tell you! Patrick and Lisa are delighted that the response so far from these distribution companies has been very positive.

Isn't this just wonderful news for all of us who have shared Patrick and Lisa's vision, frustrations and hopes throughout their tireless hard work to complete their dream project!

I am sure that you are all as excited as we are at the Official Fan Club about this super news, and looking forward to seeing the film in the cinemas. However we must all be patient as there are several distribution companies still to see the film, and many negotiations to be made before release dates etc are even talked about. As soon as Patrick and Lisa give us more information, we will pass it along to you all!

In friendship, Margaret.

* Please Note: We must tell you that the Official Fan Club was informed at the end of January by Patrick and Lisa's personal staff at Rancho Bizarro that the film had been completed and out to distributors, but as happens sometimes with news (see "About Us" feature on our front page), it was requested that we did not release the information until consultations with distributors was well underway.

Friday 31st January 2003: Hello Everyone!

Patrick and Lisa's personal staff have let us know that they are progressing really well with the Post-Production of Without A Word (no final decision on the title yet!). Patrick has continued to work on his music for the film.

In fact, one piece of the score he had written had the promise of a complete song, so he has worked on the music to compose the piece as a song, and has also been working on lyrics for it. We don't know as yet if both of Patrick's songs will be in the film. We'll keep you posted on any further news as we get it.

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 25th October 2002: Hello Everyone!

Patrick had the chance to catch up again recently with some of the dancers who performed in he and Lisa's film, "Without a Word". He hosted a benefit event on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October in Detroit, Michigan, USA for Complexions, Dwight Rhoden's dance company. After the performance on Saturday, he hosted an Afterglow event where some of the lucky audience had their picture taken with Patrick!!!

After his visit to Detroit, Patrick travelled up to Winnipeg to meet up with Lisa who had arrived directly from Los Angeles to join him there. Lisa has been busy preparing the final stages of the post-production process for the film and they were both in Winnipeg to film an extra scene at the Burton Cummings Theatre (it was called the Walker Theatre while they were filming there in the Spring of 2001).

The scene they were filming was an audience crowd scene inside the theatre which will be included in the final part of the film. After they completed the scene, they both flew back together to Los Angeles. This is so exciting - we can't wait to see it Patrick and Lisa!!! We'll keep you posted when we get more news from Patrick and Lisa about their film.

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 2nd August 2002: We are all anxious to hear when we can see Patrick and Lisa's film, but as yet, there is still no news about when the film will be released. As soon as we hear anything, we'll let you all know!

10th April 2002: Patrick and Lisa hosted a special private screening of their Dance film "Without a Word" last evening (Tuesday 9th April) in Los Angeles. It was written invitation only to the exclusive screening.

This was a very special evening for both Patrick and Lisa who have worked tirelessly to complete this dream project of theirs and finally they were able to show the world what their dream was all about! Lisa, what can we say - she has devoted the last year and more to completing this film. She worked every working hour available from early morning until dusk most days. Her passion for the dance will shine through and we can't wait to see it. Patrick has worked endlessly to bring his own energy to the film and also the music for the film. Patrick penned a lot of the songs in the film and we will tell you more about those later, but I've been told they are exactly "Buddy Swayze" and hauntingly lovely! So we can't wait to hear them! The final two pieces of music which run with the credits is great, the first of which has dancing in the background. It's a reggae tune by a Portuguese composer and just wants to make you get up and dance!

Here is the scoop on the screening! It was held at the 350 seat theater in Hollywood called Harmony Gold. The theater was filled to capacity with industry people, people who had worked on the film and friends. Everyone received the film enthusiastically, giving it a standing ovation when it ended. Everyone was thrilled with the result, staying for an informal reception afterward to let Patrick and Lisa know of their own personal responses. Many people had dance backgrounds and it was particularly meaningful to them. However, it affected everyone. There was much laughter and tears... Another step taken on the road of this amazing journey! Congratulations!

16th November 2001: Patrick and Lisa have let us know that Without A Word was finally "locked in" on November 12th 2001 and this means that the film part of the movie is finalised. Patrick and Lisa were very happy with the extra filming they did in New York in October. Now it only remains to finish the music and the soundtrack! Isn't it fabulous news!!