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We have retained this archived page for your information.

Welcome to the website of the Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club. You can read more about our Club History in the Fan Club Story - written by one of our Swayze Buddies.

We are totally non-profit-making and run by fans for fans. Patrick supported us by sending us authorised information which came directly from him, Lisa or their personal staff at their Ranch office in Rancho Bizarro, Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail us at

Please read the following introduction and message which came directly from from Patrick. We have been asked to give it a permanent home on our website.

Patrick, Lisa, and their personal staff have asked us to repost a message to the fans. As we explain in "Patrick's Gift to You" on this website, the plans for Patrick's Official Commercial Site are still under discussion and we will keep you informed of progress. Meantime, Patrick, Lisa and their personal staff have asked us to repost the following message from Patrick so that you all know where to find authorised information. (Patrick's message was inadvertently taken off our website in 2001 during the usual "Spring Cleaning" of the site.)

This message from Patrick was originally sent to Official Fan Club members (Swayze Buddies) and posted on our members only page of our website in September 2000. It came to us by fax directly from Patrick and we are re-posting it here word for word. We have now been asked by Patrick, Lisa and their personal staff to point out that Patrick's message still stands, and that nothing has changed since it was posted in September 2000.

"Dear Fan Club Members,

It has been a while since I have written to you all. First off, Lisa and I were really touched by all the special messages and gifts you sent to us on our 25th Wedding Anniversary (and respective birthdays!). Thank you.

I want to take this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings regarding information coming directly from us to you. The only "inside info" or "personal photos" that have been approved by us for publication are those that we send to Margaret Howden, the President of our Fan Club. It's important to us that you have the most up-to-date information and photographs!

Whenever possible, if we are attending a special event or doing an interview, we try our very best to make sure Margaret gets it ahead of time, so she can pass it on to you. There are some occasions, however, when it is not appropriate for us to do so (eg for security reasons, etc) and we are sure you understand.

In addition, if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, we have set it up with Margaret in the "Questions & Answers" section (of the magazine). Margaret sends your questions on to us and we answer them as soon as we can. We want you to get the correct information directly from us!

Given the above, we have asked Margaret to remove links to other websites. However, don't let this stop you from exploring, there's some interesting stuff out there! Of course, I feel ours will be the best, the ultimate!

I hope this helps to clarify things!

Thanks to Margaret for her excellent work. And thanks to you guys, and let's have fun!