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IN OUR PHONE INTERVIEW WITH PATRICK he spoke to us about he and Lisa's Dance Film having it's World Premiere at the 36th WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival 2003!

Patrick in person by phone told me last evening (Friday 21st February 2003) that the new title of he and Lisa's Dance Film is "One Last Dance" and it will be given it's World Premiere in their home town of Houston on April 4th 2003! He wanted the Official Fan Club to tell all the fans the wonderful news about how well things are going during this final exciting stage of their film's creation and unveiling!

First though, I can tell you more about the World Premiere plans for the film! Earlier, I had talked to the Director of the Houston International Film Festival, Mr Hunter Todd. He told me that "One Last Dance" will open the 36th WorldFest on April 4th at 7.15pm. It will be preceded by a whole load of special entertainment, including the 40 - strong World Champion Scottish Bagpipe Band and an "Art Car" Parade!

The Official Fan Club will have representatives at the event so you are welcome to come along and wave to Patrick and Lisa as they go into their film's premiere in Houston and you can go and see the film too! For more information on the WorldFest, you can visit their website at: and you will see that you can buy tickets for the opening night event and check out how to get there. Mr Todd told me that the film is being screened in four cinemas so there will be 1,500 people watching the movie! The Festival runs from April 4th - 13th.

Now to the bit you all want to hear! Our phone interview with Patrick! I had made our usual phone contact with Rancho Bizarro and I was talking to Patrick and Lisa's personal staff in the office when the next thing I knew, Patrick came on the line to talk to me! He wanted to give me this important information for "all you guys"!

He told me that life is really exciting right now, everything that he and Lisa have worked for as individuals, as a couple and as business partners is all coming together at once! Patrick said that he and Lisa are working real hard at selling this movie, and they are building up some wonderful relationships with major studios which is fabulous! The reaction to the film so far has been phenomenal!! Patrick said he is having to do the "business man lunch" thing, which he is not used to, because, he says, he is a "creative animal" but it's working out really well. He and Lisa are turning their Production Company, Troph Productions, into a serious company with serious aims. Go Patrick and Lisa!!!!!!

Patrick said he and Lisa wanted the Official Fan Club to get the word out about "One Last Dance" appearing at the film festivals (see more below) so that all the fans could go and see their movie. I thanked Patrick for keeping us "in the loop" about the film, and told him how we are delighted to say the least that the time is approaching when we will get to see their Dream Project! By all accounts, the news we have been told about the film is that it is breathtaking!

Patrick went on to tell me more about the World Premiere of "One Last Dance" at the Houston Film Festival. He told me that the film will open the Festival and there is all sorts of entertainment happening on the opening night, including Mariachi Bands and a special Champagne Reception for he and Lisa after they show the film. Prior to the screening of "One Last Dance", Patrick and Lisa will greet the audience in the theater and introduce the film. After the screening - when I am sure there will be tears of joy and much emotion - there will be a Champagne Reception at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Houston. Patrick told me that "One Last Dance" will also be included in the Philadelphia Film Festival which runs from April 3rd - 17th. Their website is at Patrick said that the Swayze Family will be honoured with a Special Award to commemorate their Lifetime Contribution to Dance. Such a wonderful honour for all the family! As part of all these celebrations, they will also be given the keys to the city and made Honorary Citizens by the Mayor!

Patrick also said that the film should be appearing at the Seattle International Film Festival which runs from May 23rd - June 16th. Their website is Also, the Los Angeles Film Festival which runs from June 11th - 21st. Their website is When we have more news from these three Festivals on the screening dates for "One Last Dance" at those events, we will post it here on this section of the website.

Patrick told me that he and Lisa are living through a wonderfully exciting time at the moment, and they have been constantly on the phones talking to people telling them all about their film. Patrick will be in touch again soon with us when their lives at Rancho Bizarro are a little less hectic and they will be able to give us more information.

Sincere thanks to Patrick and to Lisa for keeping us up to date with this wonderful news! Watch this space for more information!

In friendship, Margaret.