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Tuesday 3rd January 2012: Hello everyone,

Due to financial constraints, we have cancelled our P.O. Box facility for receiving postal mail. If you wish to write to Lisa, please send it to:

Lisa Niemi Swayze
WKT Public Relations
9350 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450
Beverly Hills
CA 90212

Tel: 001 310 205-0618

If you wish to write to the Official Fan Club, please contact us at:

Thank you for your understanding.

In friendship,

Wednesday 5th May 2010: Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to share with you the news that our "Jump!" fundraiser was a great success. We were able to sell almost all our tickets for our benefit for The Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and in addition, the screening itself was almost a sell-out! Many Patrons also sent donations straight to the Research Fund at Stanford. We want to say a sincere "Thank You!" to Joshua Sinclair, the JCC and all our sponsors, contributors, supporters and Swayze Buddies who made this fundraiser possible.

Our biggest thanks go to our own Swayze Buddy Sue from Michigan who organised it all in Detroit - thanks Sue!

In friendship,

Tuesday 27th April 2010: Hello everyone,

We want to share some good news with you. Please click on the small thumbnail below to read the acknowledgement letter from Stanford Cancer Center for your generous donations through purchases of our 2010 Calendar. They tell us about some encouraging news from researchers at Stanford.

Thank you once again for all your support during our fundraising efforts for the Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. Please support the fund if you can by visiting their website page about the Fund here.

In friendship,

Wednesday 7th April 2010: Hello everyone,

We have an addition to our news about our sponsored screening of "Jump!" in Detroit on May 2nd. All our supporters (with their permission) will have their name in our printed program for May 2nd even if you can't attend. If you would like to support us in our fundraising efforts for The Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund by purchasing one of our tickets for $25, but are unable to attend the screening in Detroit, we would be delighted to include your name in our printed program with your permission. We will be forwarding a copy of our program to Patrick's wife Lisa. For more information, please visit our "Jump!" Fundraiser page.

Thank you for your continued support!

In friendship,

Thursday 25th March 2010: Hello everyone,

As promised we can now announce our next fundraising event which will benefit The Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. We are sponsoring a screening of Patrick's film "Jump!" at the Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival in Detroit. For every ticket we sell, we will donate $14 to the Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Center in California.

We are sure that we can count on you. After your wonderful generosity in buying our Calendars which resulted in US $1,230 being donated to the Research Fund, we are hoping that you will rally to this new fundraising call.

Please visit our Jump Fundraiser page here to find out more, thank you.

Grateful thanks to Swayze Buddy Sue in Michigan - our "right hand girl" who is organising the event on the ground in Detroit!

In friendship,

Sunday 14th March 2010: Hello everyone,

We have wonderful news for you all. We have forwarded the final total donation to the Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund which we gathered through sales of our 2010 Calendar and thanks to you, we are pleased to tell you that the final total we sent to Stanford was US $1,230. We want to say well done to everyone and thank you sincerely for your generosity in purchasing our Calendars.

Personal thanks too to our Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals for your continued support for the fan club. The strength of your support surprised us and we thank you for it. Your kind words and comments have touched us deeply and are much appreciated.

Please continue to visit our website newspage here for an upcoming announcement about another Fundraiser that we are putting together for early May and we hope we can count on your support once again!

In friendship,

Sunday 24th January 2010: Hello everyone,

Our 2010 Calendar

Stocks are low of our 2010 Calendar and we want to alert you in case you intend to order one. If you wish to have one of them but are not ready to order yet, please let us know so that we can keep one aside for you. First come first served!

When all stocks are gone, we will let you know our total donation to the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund. Our total at the moment is £650 GBP so a sincere "Thank you!" goes to everyone who has ordered one of our Calendars. Every little bit helps in the fight against this terrible disease!

In friendship,

Thursday 17th December 2009: Hello everyone,

Many of you have asked us if we will continue with our Swayze Buddy subscription magazines service within the Fan Club. After discussing this with Lisa, it has been decided that as well as helping to publicise the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund and activities connected to fundraising for the Fund, we will continue to offer a "Swayze Buddy" package to honour the memory of Patrick.

The materials we produce for 2010 will include two 16 page magazines - one issued in May and one in November plus two 4" x 6" photos plus a membership card. Because we have reduced the amount of materials Swayze Buddies will receive, the subscription is much reduced as is shown on our 2010 subscribe page here.

Thank you for your continued support.

In friendship,

Saturday 21st November 2009: Hello everyone,

With the passing of our dear friend and Honoree, Patrick Swayze, we had decided not to produce our usual Calendar, as a mark of respect. However, as November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, we have discussed this with Lisa and she has given her blessing to us creating a 2010 Patrick Swayze Calendar as a fund raising project for The Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund.

So, for every Calendar sold on our website, we shall donate £2 to The Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund.

Like the previous two years, the Calendar will be A4 size, that's 21cms x 30cms (approx. 8" x 12") and will be printed in full colour on beautiful white card, spiral bound along the top and have one A4 page for each month, plus a lovely front cover page. There will be enough space on each date square to write notes of appointments etc. The copyrighted photos on the Calendar will include special Fan Club pictures of Patrick, some with Lisa.

If you would like to support The Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund by purchasing our Calendar, please visit our Calendar order page here. All prices shown for the Calendar are in British £ sterling and are inclusive of postage and packaging charges to your destination. PayPal will automatically convert the British £ sterling to your chosen currency for your PayPal account records.

Last year we raised $832 for a major pancreatic cancer charity and with your help, we hope to be able to beat that total this year. Thank you for your support!

In friendship,

Monday 17th August 2009: Hello everyone,

Check out the Fans Art page of the online fun area for a lovely new video sent over by Swayze Buddies Julia and Heike!

In friendship,

Wednesday 31st December 2008: Hello everyone,

We're down to our last 35 calendars so if you want one you should be quick about ordering one at:

Thank you sincerely to everyone who has ordered so far and we will update you soon on the total we have collected as the charity donation.

In friendship,

Tuesday 16th December 2008: Hello everyone,

The magazines have left the building! We posted out the December 2008 Swayze Buddy magazine on Sunday evening for pickup first thing Monday morning. You all should start receiving them soon!

In friendship,

Sunday 7th December 2008: Hello everyone,

An update on our message below. We have just sold our 200th Calendar! Thank you, thank you sincerely for all your support. This means that we can now send a total of $400 to Major Cancer Charities in the United States. We will keep you posted on where the money goes.

But, it doesn't stop there! We have just taken delivery of a re-order of the Calendar and we are fully stocked up and waiting for your orders! This is an ideal Christmas gift for someone you know who is a fan of Patrick's, or who supports the collection we are making to the charities so order one today on our Calendar page here.

Thank you so much again, and keep sending those positive thoughts, prayers, love and light to Patrick and Lisa! Your support means so much to them, you are wonderful!

In friendship,

Sunday 16th November 2008: Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have so far bought our 2009 Calendars and for your kind comments. We have just sold our 100th calendar! That means that the total we have gathered so far for the cancer charity donation is $200. That is a fantastic total and with your help, we can double that!

If you have friends who are Patrick Swayze fans or you feel they would like the kind thought of donating to a major cancer charity in the U.S.A. then the calendar is ideal as a Xmas present for them. It is easy to post anywhere in the world.

If you want us to post a calendar directly to a different address, for example a friend overseas, please order on our calendar page for that part of the world, let us know your friend's address by writing to us at and we will mail it to them directly with your compliments enclosed.

We desperately want to send a superb total amount to the charity in recognition of Patrick's fighting spirit and our support of him and others who suffer from this illness. Help us achieve our goal by ordering a calendar now at: and we will donate $2 for each calendar sold, to a major cancer charity in the U.S.A. Thank you!

In friendship,

Sunday 2nd November 2008: Hello everyone,

Our 2009 Calendar is now in our hands and the first batch of orders will be put into the post on Monday. To those of you who have ordered a Calendar, thank you for your kind donations to the collection we are making from the sales of our Calendar to a major cancer charity in the United States.

We have now put a new image of our calendar onto the order page at: and we are accepting orders through that page for payment by PayPal.

Thank you sincerely for your support!
In friendship,

Saturday 25th October 2008: Hello everyone,

We are now accepting pre-orders for our 2009 Calendar. The Calendars should be available within the next two weeks and you can pre-order one now by going to:

For every Calendar that we sell, we will donate US $2 to a major cancer charity based in the United States. So if you are looking for a Christmas or Holiday gift for a friend who is also a Swayze fan and want to donate to a major cancer charity - look no further!

In friendship,

Friday 24th October 2008: Hello everyone,

For those of you who are not already Swayze Buddies - We are repeating the offer we had for you in October 2007!

Just to let you all know that we are now accepting 2009 subscriptions and have a special offer to tell you about. As we are approaching the last three months of the membership year 2008 for Swayze Buddies, you may not wish to take out a subscription when there are only three months left of 2008 and your first mailing would be February 2009!

So, like last year, we are offering a special deal of next year's 2009 subscription at the same price as this year, plus you can buy our December 2008 magazine for the special price that Swayze Buddies pay for a back issue magazine, added onto your subscription price.

Please e-mail us for details stating in which country you live and if you think it's a good deal, we will arrange a "request payment" to be sent to your e-mail address from PayPal.

Thank you all for your continued support!

In friendship,

Sunday 17th August 2008: Hello everyone,

In Honour of Patrick's birthday tomorrow, Monday 18th August 2008, we are launching our new free online fun area for Swayze Pal members (and Swayze Buddies too!). Most of you will remember the previous Swayze Pals area (launched in 2002) that we used to have on the website which contained special photos, magazine covers collections and other fun pages that Swayze Pals could access for free. The registration and log in system of that area had stopped working properly about two years ago and it has taken us until now to have it re-programmed and tested and today we have made it active. If you find any problems with registering or accessing the pages, please bear with us and let us know right away by e-mailing us at: Thank you and we hope you enjoy it!

All news will continue to be posted on the main news page. The online fun area is still a "work in progress" and we will add more pages and more content in the coming months. Please bear with us while we do this.

To register, please click here.

In friendship,

Wednesday 5th March 2008: Hello everyone,

Swayze Buddy, Paula Blake has started a prayer circle for Patrick called Patrick's Prayer Buddies. If you are able to commit to praying for Patrick at a particular time every day, please email Paula with your name, where you live (e.g New York, USA), your email address and the time of day or night that you would be willing to pray for him. Paula will send you a copy of the prayer rota so that you can see who else is praying for Patrick and when. Regular updates will also be sent to you. (Your email address will be kept private and will not be included on the rota).

Because Patrick has fans all over the world, on different time zones, Paula hopes there will be many Prayer Buddies praying for him within each hour, every single day. Paula's email address is:

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 4th February 2008: Hello everyone! Our beautiful Calendar is all sol out! Thank you to everyone who bought one online - we will have news soon for you about the total we gathered through your donations for Patrick and Lisa's nominated charity.
In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 1st December 2007: Hello everyone! As we mentioned a few days ago, we want to offer for sale our Fan Club Calendar in time for Christmas and we will donate US $ 2 for every calendar sold through our website, to Patrick and Lisa's nominated charity. If you wish to order our Patrick Swayze Calendar please go to our page at: where you can pay by PayPal. We regret we can only receive orders online and payments through PayPal for the calendar.

We hope that you all enjoy your calendars and that they help you with your gift ideas for friends who are also fans!
In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 27th November 2007: Hello everyone! Swayze Buddy Sue from Michigan has told us about a Dirty Dancing calendar that is available to buy - check out the Borders bookstore website for more information! Watch this space soon for news of our very own calendar when for every calendar purchased, a donation will be made to Patrick and Lisa's chosen charity!

Swayze Buddy Sue from Michigan has also asked for our help with gathering some survey information which is fun for you to do too! Can you help out Sue with her research? If so, please go to: and fill out her questionnaire. Thank you if you can help!
In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 27th September 2006: Hello Everyone!

Many of you have asked us if you can pay for a Swayze Buddy subscription online. Well, in response to your requests, we have added a "subscribe now" page to the website where you can make secure payments through PayPal to take out a Swayze Buddy subscription. To learn more about what you get for your subscription fee, visit our fan club information page at

We have also had a lot of enquiries about our printed magazines, so if you would like to see a sample of the printed magazines we produce for our Swayze Buddies, then you can buy one of our back issue magazines. The price of one printed magazine is detailed on the subscribe page and includes the cost of postage and packaging to your country.

You can find the subscribe page and order a sample back issue magazine at:

In friendship, Margaret.


Sunday 3rd October 2004: Hello Everyone!

All Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals should log in to our fun pages now to read a special message that Patrick has sent to the Fan Club from Bulgaria! Enjoy it!

In friendship,

Sunday 2nd May 2004: Hello to all our Swayze Buddies!

The April 2004 magazine was put in the mail last weekend, so it should be with most of you by now. Hope all our Swayze Buddies enjoy it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 24th December 2003: Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all having a wonderful time over this Festive Season! The December 2003 Official Fan Club magazine is well on its way to all Swayze Buddies – it was mailed out early last week, so a lot of you may already have it!

Included in this photo-packed issue are some wonderful pictures kindly sent from Hallmark Entertainment from the set of King Solomon’s Mines. We also have an exclusive for you! Patrick sent us some photos from his own camera! Photos shot by his driver between takes in South Africa, Patrick sent us them in time to be included in the December issue! Patrick also wanted all of his buddies to have their own copy of one of his amazing photos – you are going to love it!

Our cover photo is also one of Patrick’s – he and Lisa relaxing on safari in Botswana! Thanks Patrick!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 11th May 2003: Hello Everyone, Just to let you know that the April edition of the Official Fan Club magazine is out and should be landing on the doorsteps of all our Swayze Buddies soon! It's a bumper 38 page issue and has lots of goodies inside!! Hope you have fun reading it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 11th May 2003: Hello Everyone, Just to let you know that the April edition of the Official Fan Club magazine is out and should be landing on the doorsteps of all our Swayze Buddies soon! It's a bumper 38 page issue and has lots of goodies inside!! Hope you have fun reading it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 6th March 2003: Hello Everyone,

Wow - all the plans for Houston are coming together nicely! My husband and I will be in Houston for a few days to attend the opening night of the Film Festival on 4th April. Remember, all Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals if you are serious about travelling to Houston to see "One Last Dance" then get in touch with me soon on and we hope to see you there!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 1st March 2003: Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to ask that if any Swayze Buddies or Swayze Pals are making the trip to the Houston Film Festival to see the opening night of "One Last Dance" please let us know by e-mailing us at

All Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals should also check out the new message from Lisa here.

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 22nd February 2003: Hello Everyone!

I want to say a sincere "Thank You!" to Ann-Christin and Paula Hanbury for looking after the Official Fan Club and all of the fans while I was on holiday in France for a few days with my family. Sincere thanks to both of you - you did a great job! It's good to be back and with such exciting news to come home to!

We have some really special news on the "Without A Word" part of the website!! Patrick was in touch with me person to person on the phone yesterday, and he gave us some tremendous news for all of the fans! Click here to read more about Patrick and Lisa's dance film told to me personally by Patrick!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 7th December 2002: Hello Everyone! We hope you are all having a great weekend!

Patrick, Lisa, and their personal staff have asked us to repost a message to the fans. As we explain in "Patrick's Gift to You" on this website, the plans for Patrick's Official Commercial Site are still under discussion and we will keep you informed of progress. Meantime, Patrick, Lisa and their personal staff have asked us to repost the following message from Patrick so that you all know where to find authorised information. (Patrick's message was inadvertently taken off our website in 2001 during the usual "Spring Cleaning" of the site.)

This message from Patrick was originally sent to Official Fan Club members (Swayze Buddies) and posted on our members only page of our website in September 2000. It came to us by fax directly from Patrick and we are re-posting it here word for word. We have now been asked by Patrick, Lisa and their personal staff to point out that Patrick's message still stands, and that nothing has changed since it was posted in September 2000.

"Dear Fan Club Members,

It has been a while since I have written to you all. First off, Lisa and I were really touched by all the special messages and gifts you sent to us on our 25th Wedding Anniversary (and respective birthdays!). Thank you.

I want to take this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings regarding information coming directly from us to you. The only "inside info" or "personal photos" that have been approved by us for publication are those that we send to Margaret Howden, the President of our Fan Club. It's important to us that you have the most up-to-date information and photographs!

Whenever possible, if we are attending a special event or doing an interview, we try our very best to make sure Margaret gets it ahead of time, so she can pass it on to you. There are some occasions, however, when it is not appropriate for us to do so (eg for security reasons, etc) and we are sure you understand.

In addition, if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, we have set it up with Margaret in the "Questions & Answers" section (of the magazine). Margaret sends your questions on to us and we answer them as soon as we can. We want you to get the correct information directly from us!

Given the above, we have asked Margaret to remove links to other websites. However, don't let this stop you from exploring, there's some interesting stuff out there! Of course, I feel ours will be the best, the ultimate!

I hope this helps to clarify things!

Thanks to Margaret for her excellent work. And thanks to you guys, and let's have fun!


Saturday 7th December 2002: We have wonderful news for our Swayze Buddies - you should see the fabulous picture that Patrick has signed for you all! The photo is one that Patrick sent over to us, originally for us to use in the magazine, from the personal collection held at Rancho Bizarro.

When I saw the picture at the Ranch in November 2000, it blew me away! I asked if it could be used as an Official Fan Club picture and Patrick said yes!! It has now arrived back here, personally signed by Patrick for all of his Official Fan Club Buddies. All Swayze Buddies (those members who pay an annual subscription to the magazine) will receive their very own duplicate copy with their December magazine - you are going to love it!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 10th November 2002: Hello Everyone!

Thank you to all of our Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals who sent in their choices for Patrick and Lisa's film title! We have forwarded all of the results to them at Rancho Bizarro and as soon as we hear what their decision is, we will pass it along!! This was such an honour for the fans to be able to take part in a project that is so close to the hearts of Patrick and Lisa!! Thank you to them for thinking of us!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 25th October 2002: Coming soon for all Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals - your very own downloadable and printable Patrick Swayze 2003 calendar!!

Wednesday 23rd October 2002: Hello Everyone!

Thank you to every Swayze Buddy and Swayze Pal who has written to us here at the Official Fan Club with their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for the title of Patrick and Lisa's dance film. We need all your replies to be in by this Friday 25th October 2002 - so write to us soon - log on to the members online area for more information on how to vote, and to read the list of choices that Patrick and Lisa sent over to us. Patrick and Lisa asked us for an interim report and we have already sent it over to them on e-mail and we are keeping them updated with reports every few days as your votes come in! It is so exciting - we will keep you all posted!

In friendship, Margaret Howden.

Sunday October 6th, 2002: Patrick and Lisa have thrilled us here at the Official Fan Club. They have asked the Official Fan Club members to help them choose the name of their dance movie - all Swayze Buddies and Pals should now log on to the online area to find out more!!

Saturday 7th September 2002: Hello Everyone!

Thank you sincerely to everyone who signed Patrick's birthday guestbook and took time to visit our page dedicated to such a special man on his 50th birthday!

We have now printed out all the birthday pages and also all the pages of Patrick's birthday guestbook (and there were 56 pages of them!!!) and we are sending them to Rancho Bizarro in Los Angeles to be given personally to Patrick to enjoy. We are sure he will be very happy to have all your lovely messages as a memento of his special day! Thank you once again to everyone who signed Patrick's birthday guestbook.

If you want to leave a message for Patrick on our main guestbook, you will see the link on the front page of our website. Hope you continue to enjoy the site!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 7th September 2002: We wanted to share this with you all! In our December 2000 Official Fan Club magazine, we asked all our postal members to design a t-shirt and Patrick and Lisa would personally choose the winner! When I was at Rancho Bizarro in November 2000 for our Official Fan Club interview, Patrick and Lisa talked to me about it, and they were looking forward to seeing all the t-shirt designs!!

Well, the winner was Sonja Hackl and lucky Sonja is now the proud owner of a personally signed copy of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack CD! Patrick and Lisa loved all the designs which were all unique and special!

In friendship, Margaret.