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Some time ago, we told you that many new things would be "Coming Soon". We are now proud to announce that all you have patiently waited for is Coming Now!!

The Official Fan Club website has been moved to this new address and many exciting new features are now yours to enjoy. Register free now for our special online area including beautiful eCards with exclusive pictures of Patrick to send to all your friends, Crosswords, Questions and Answers Board, Screensavers and Cover Guy Pages featuring magazine covers from all around the world that Patrick has appeared on. As time goes on, we will be adding other new features too, including articles from back issues of the Official Fan Club magazine for you to enjoy in colour!

All of this comes to you from Patrick himself and us as his Official Fan Club as a special gift to all existing members and his many, many fans all over the world.

Patrick had such a big smile on his face when I talked to him during my stay in Luxembourg in March of this year, about the Official Fan Club's plans going ahead. Everything had already been discussed with Patrick and Lisa at an earlier date (November 2000), during one of our Official Fan Club interviews. Patrick has had plans of his own, for a couple of years now, to open up a Commercial Site, with us as his Official Fan Club linked in to accept members online. During the summer of 2000, I helped Patrick and Lisa's personal assistant with the plans for Patrick's Commercial Site and for us to be linked to it, as Patrick proposed. Please note: A test version of Patrick's Commercial Site was put up on the internet some time ago. Unfortunately this has caused some confusion among the fans as to its purpose. When Without A Word was given the "green light" at the end of 2000, all other projects had to go on the "back burner", including Patrick's Commercial Site.

How many of you remember completing the questionnaire which we sent out to postal members on July 25th 2000 asking for your "Favourite Scenes" from Patrick's movies? A lot of you wondered what this was for! Well, Patrick asked us in confidence as his Official Fan Club, to arrange a poll among our members of their favourite scenes from his movies and the results were then sent to Patrick and Lisa's PA at the Ranch. Patrick intends to use these favourite scenes on his Commercial site (once clearance has been given by the film companies), so that all of his fans can enjoy the most popular clips from his films. Some lengthy discussions took place during our Official Fan Club interview at Rancho Bizarro in November 2000, with Patrick, Lisa and their PA about which features we should include on the Official Fan Club site and which should be on Patrick's Commercial Site.

We are very excited about Patrick's plans for his Commercial Site and when completed, we have no doubt it will be something truly wonderful for all of you to enjoy with all the different features that Patrick and Lisa told us about. The latest position is, that plans for Patrick's Commercial Site are still being discussed so hopefully we will hear more news about it soon. In the meantime, we are introducing our new features bit by bit.

We want to say many thanks to Robert Diamond of Wisdom Digital for his work and wonderful help in launching our special online area. A special "Thank You" to our webmaster Ann-Christin Olsson for her hard work, dedication and creative genius in her design of the Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club website, and we also want to say "welcome on board!" to Official Fan Club member Paula Hanbury who will soon be helping Patrick's fans with their Questions and Answers in our online area!!

Patrick and ourselves, hope very much that you will have a great time exploring all the new features on the Official Fan Club website!

Our sincerest thanks go to Patrick, Lisa and their staff at the Ranch. Many thanks also to the members of Patrick's Official Fan Club and to all of Patrick's fans, for your continuing support and participation.


In friendship,

Margaret Howden

Club President
Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club

Warmest thanks to Margaret for all her support while designing this new area, and for keeping my spirits up the whole time!

Ann-Christin Olsson, Webmaster