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One Last Dance World Premiere
4th April 2003

Wow! Wow! Wow! Boy did the fans have fun in Houston! We had a fabulous time! First of all, let us tell you all about the film World Premiere!

"One Last Dance" had the honour to be the opening film of the 2003 Houston Film Festival - the 36th Annual WorldFest! It was an exciting occasion and to actually be there was unbelievable! People had arrived from all over the world to see Patrick and Lisa and to enjoy their film.

Before the main guests arrived, there were lots of things going on outside of the Nova Meyerland Plaza Theatre! The Art Car Parade was a lot of fun, proving that Art is everywhere! We were entertained by the World Championship-winning St. Thomas' Episcopal School Pipe Band who had our feet tapping in tune to their stirring music. We also enjoyed the lively performance of a Mariachi Band who kept us swinging to their rhythm!
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The Director of WorldFest, Mr Hunter Todd, welcomed Patrick and Lisa as they arrived in their white limo with members of their families - Patrick was very handsome in a dark suit and zip-shirt - he was having a lot of fun listening to the fans' welcome!
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Lisa looking so very chic in a fitted, tooled leather suit and high-heeled boots! All of their party had wide beaming smiles! It was a very happy occasion - everyone was pleased to be there! Patrick and Lisa's Party made their way up the steps of the Theater to the sound of the Pipe Band playing "Scotland The Brave".
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Everyone followed Patrick and Lisa into the theatre and we settled down in the cinema to enjoy the film! Lisa and Patrick had arranged with us at the Official Fan Club for everyone at the opening night to receive one of their "One Last Dance" posters as a gift from them, and they were there on every seat for the fans.

We made ourselves comfortable - there were Official Fan Club Swayze Buddies and Swayze Pals from all over the world and all over the internet. We all sat together in roped off rows in front of Patrick and Lisa's families. It was going to be such fun to enjoy it together!

Suddenly, Hunter Todd came into the theater and walked down to the front of the auditorium. He introduced Patrick and Lisa who spoke to the audience for a few minutes, sharing their thoughts about "One Last Dance" and their determination to share the film with the world. Then........ they shared their film with us. It is one of the most moving films I personally have seen for a long time. You are going to love it!

After the Premiere of "One Last Dance", those who wanted to, made their way to the Champagne Reception at the Inter-Continental Hotel. The Official Fan Club had hired a tour coach to transport us between hotels and the theater and the full bus was absolutely alive with laughter, smiles, memories of the film and joy!

When we arrived at the Inter-Continental, the entire Lobby of the Hotel was buzzing with anticipation! Patrick, Lisa and their Party were on their way to the Hotel too! Patrick and Lisa had stayed a while longer at the Meyerland Plaza Theater to introduce the second showing of "One Last Dance". When they arrived at the Hotel, you could tell where they were by the crowd of people surrounding them! Everyone wanted to congratulate them on their wonderful film! A camera crew took the opportunity to interview Patrick in the Lobby of the Hotel.
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Patrick and Lisa both took lots of time with the fans. They were so caring and signed every programme, poster and piece of memorabilia that was given to them to sign. Every fan who wanted their picture taken with them has a wonderful memory of that evening as they posed endlessly for photos. All the fans had a fantastic evening and Patrick looked after us all right up until the end of the Reception. Thank you Patrick and Lisa for your magical performance in "One Last Dance" and thank you also for your performance in caring for all the fans at the reception especially the Official Fan Club. It was way beyond the normal "call of duty" - you are both wonderful!!!
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Coming soon - Houston 2003 Fan Photo Gallery!