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Wednesday 29th October 2008: Hello everyone,

Thanks to Swayze Buddies Crystal and Sue from Michigan who sent us the link
to an intriguing report about the possible discovery of the real King Solomon's Mines!

In friendship,

Thursday 21st August 2008: Hello everyone,

Swayze Buddy Jeanny from Luxembourg has told us:
"This might be of interest for the fans in German speaking countries: I have seen on the internet at the German Amazon website that the DVD of King Solomon's Mines will be released on 15th September in Germany and it can already be preordered. The title in German is: "Quatermain und der Schatz des König Salomon" and the DVD is in German and English language."
Thanks Jeanny!

In friendship,

Friday 14th March 2008: Hello everyone,

Swayze Buddy Claire from England has sent us this information: "I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that The Daily Mail is giving away free copies of 'King Solomon's Mines' with today's paper. " So, fans in the UK should rush round to their newsagent and snap up a copy of the Daily Mail!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 20th September 2006:  Hello everyone!

Swayze Buddies Inge, Simone and Jeanny have all written to tell us that King Solomon's Mines will be on TV in Germany this weekend!  Inge wrote:

"TV Channel VOX will show "Quatermain
und der Schatz des Königs Salomon" on Friday, September 22nd
and on Saturday, September 23rd at 8.15pm."
Thanks to all of you!
In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 29th December 2004: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddies Carine and Monique have sent us details of a TV alert for King Solomon's Mines in France! French TV channel M6 will be showing the mini-series on 30th December (Thursday) in France. Carine told us that the miniseries will be released on DVD in France in February - fantastic news! Here are their messages in French for our French friends:

From Carine: J'ai déja appris que les mines du roi Salomon sortaient en DVD en France au Mois de Février et que la chaine M6 diffusera la serie des jeudi 30 décembre en France.

and Monique: Je veux juste te signaler que King Solomon's Mines passera sous le nom de "Allan Quatermain et la pierre des ancêtres" en français le jeudi 30 décembre sur la chaîne TV française M6. Ils passeront les deux épisodes à la suite ce soir-là dès 20h.50.

Thank you Carine and Monique!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 21st November 2004: Hello Everyone!

Patrick's PA has told us that King Solomon's Mines will be repeated across all Central Europe on 25th/26th December at 9pm. It will premiere in Spain/Portugal 24th/25th or 25th/26th December, the date is still to be confirmed. The mini-series will be repeated on the UK Hallmark channel 27th/28th November. Fabulous viewing to look forward to!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 29th September 2004: Hello Everyone!

King Solomon's Mines was released by Lionsgate/Fox on DVD on 21st September for Region 1 (USA and Canada only). The Catalogue number is ASIN: B0002J58GU . This is truly a wonderful experience not to be missed!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 21st July 2004: Hello Everyone!

The UK Press and PR Manager for Hallmark Channel in the UK has written to tell us this great news about the successful UK screening of King Solomon's Mines over last weekend (10th and 11th July):
"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how King Solomon's Mines fared over the weekend on the Hallmark Channel. Well, in a nutshell, BRILLIANTLY! In fact, Saturday night's show got the best ratings EVER on the channel.... more people tuned in to watch it then anything else we've shown since the channel launched four years ago. Please thank all your fan club members who tuned!"
Thanks you guys!

Keep checking back on this news page for screening dates for other countries!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 9th July 2004: Hello Everyone!

UK fans can find interviews with Patrick in this week's UK TV Times and the Radio Times. The magazines carry features on King Solomon's Mines which remember has it's first showing on UK Hallmark Channel at 9pm Saturday 10th July (replayed Sunday 6am) and Episode 2 at 9pm Sunday 11th July (replayed Monday 6am)! Both magazines are for the week 10th to 16th July. Enjoy the interviews and enjoy the miniseries too!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 2nd July 2004: Hello Everyone!

For those of you in the UK, remember that King Solomon's Mines will air on the Hallmark Channel in the UK on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July at 9pm - looking forward to it - can't wait! Also remember Patrick's interview with GMTV will air on Friday 9th July on Entertainment Today with Jenni Falconer. Enjoy it all!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 17th June 2004: Hello Everyone!

Hallmark Channel in London have told us that Patrick's UK interview for GMTV (Entertainment Today with Jenni Falconer) will air on Friday 9th July. King Solomon's Mines is screened on the Hallmark Channel on 10th and 11th July in the UK.

We hope those of you in the US who have access to Hallmark Channel enjoyed the miniseries when it was screened last weekend! It's scheduled to be screened again in the US this weekend on Sunday June 20th at 4pm and 6pm ET. Swayze Buddy Rosemarie from Connecticut told us: "You're in for a treat : King Solomon's Mines is wonderful! Patrick at his best as action hero & adventurer. ... Absolutely gorgeous scenery & colors, beautifully done..." Can't wait to see it Rosemarie!

Watch this space for airing dates in more countries as they become available.

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 11th June 2004:

Patrick's PA has let us know that the UN visit scheduled for today has been cancelled due to the sad passing of President Reagan, so Patrick will not be returning to New York.

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 9th June 2004: Hello Everyone!

Some great photos of the arrivals at the special screening of "King Solomon's Mines" are on Yahoo! Here are the links to go and see them:
Patrick and Lisa are welcomed by the Zulu dance troupe Juxtapower at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel in New York (AP Photo/Wireimage, Jamie McCarthy).
Patrick and co-star Alison Doody pose for the photographers before the special screening of "King Solomon's Mines" at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel in New York. Also standing on the red carpet is Lisa and Patrick's brother Don. (AP Photo/Wireimage, Jamie McCarthy)

Also, you can see more of the wonderful photos from the event on the Wireimage website here.

Enjoy it all! In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 8th June 2004: Hello Everyone!

More articles for you to check out about Patrick and King Solomon's Mines!

- a great Q & A interview from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

- report from the Associated Press which is featured in many newspapers yesteray and today.

- from the Scottish Daily Record and the article is also in today's printed issue!

Enjoy them all! In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 7th June 2004: Hello Everyone!

More fantastic news! As part of the publicity for King Solomon's Mines we reported on this page earlier, Patrick will take part in an MSN chat tomorrow, June 8th. Go to to check out the details!! (Please note that in some countries, MSN chat may not be available.)

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 3rd June 2004: Hello Everyone!

Patrick's PA has told us there is already a change to Patrick's schedule for tomorrow (Friday) in the UK. The GMTV interview will be taped so it may, or may not be used for tomorrow's show. Watch this space for updates on when you can see, hear or read Patrick's interviews in the UK!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 2nd June 2004: Hello Everyone!

Very exciting news for everyone in the United Kingdom! Patrick asked us to let you all know he is coming to London for a few days to do press and publicity interviews for King Solomon's Mines! He is busy, busy, busy as he then returns to the States for interviews to promote the Miniseries in America.

Patrick has told us that he arrives in London on Wednesday afternoon (that's today, June 2) and then on Thursday he is doing various press interviews including the TV Times and the Scottish Daily Record!

On Friday Patrick will make a guest appearance on the GMTV Breakfast Show and will be doing various press and taped radio interviews including Steve Wright "In the Afternoon" .

On Saturday he leaves for New York where there is to be a special screening of "King Solomon's Mines at the Tribeca Hotel on June 7th. Patrick will be arriving in a Land Rover and greeted by the South African Zulu Dance troupe! Patrick's co-star in King Solomon's Mines Alison Doody, Members of the World Wildlife Fund, The South African Consulate and South African Board of Tourism will also be there. (Swayze Buddies will remember our Fan Club Charity Collection at Christmas was in aid of the World Wildlife Fund as conservation is a cause close to Patrick’s heart and in Honour of Patrick’s time filming in South Africa.)

Earlier that day Patrick will be doing radio interviews and he will be on TV CNN "The Biz" at 12.30pm.

On June 8th Patrick starts with a TV satellite tour of various stations around the country. Then The Joan Hamburg Show radio program Live at 10.30am, also a taped interview for Sean Valentine's radio show KIIS FM. Then a live guest appearance on CNN Headline News at 8.15pm - phew, what a schedule! Patrick is going to be all over your TV and radio! Fabulous!

On June 9th Patrick will do a radio tour by phone and then a live guest appearance on ABC's "The View" (please note this is instead of Patrick's apprearance scheduled for June 3rd) then it's back to Los Angeles!

On June 11th King Solomon's Mines is going to be screened at the United Nations for their Staff Day celebrations. Patrick may fly back to New York to do the introduction. This is a great honour for Hallmark and for Patrick and all the cast and crew to have their work featured by the United Nations!

Enjoy it all! In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 29th May 2004: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Shirley Penrod has told us Hallmark Channel has a wonderful feature on their website. Shirley told us: "The Hallmark Channel website has King Solomon's Mines prominently featured on its opening screen ( ) There is a photo of Patrick as Quatermain, and there are links to a synopsis, biographies of him & Alison Doody, a lengthy interview with Patrick, a slide show of photos and also a movie clip. I hope you enjoy it!"
It's fabulous, thanks Shirley!

We also have great news for fans in Europe and especially the United Kingdom. Patrick will be preparing interviews really soon to promote King Solomon's Mines for it's release in the United Kingdom (on TV in the United Kingdom on Saturday 10th July and Sunday 11th July)! Watch this space for more details on that as we get them from Patrick's PA!

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 24th May 2004: Hello Everyone!

Great news from Patrick's PA - Hallmark have set the dates for the UK screening of "King Solomon's Mines"! Tune in to the Hallmark Channel in the UK on Saturday 10th July and Sunday 11th July to enjoy the two-part miniseries!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 20th April 2004: Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Another airdate change for King Solomon's Mines. It will now be aired on Saturday June 12th 2004.

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 15th April 2004: Hello Everyone!

Patrick's PA has been in touch and told us that the King Solomon Mines airdate has moved to June 5th (Hallmark Channel). Patrick will be doing many different press/TV interviews between now and then so remember to keep a look out. Patrick is currently scheduled to be a guest on "The View" on June 3rd so put that date in your diary too! Can't wait to see the miniseries!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 21st February 2004: Hello Everyone!

Pam Slay of Hallmark Channel has told us that "King Solomon's Mines" will air in the United States on Hallmark Channel on Sunday June 6th 2004. It will be a three hour movie event and the time of the screening is 8/7c . Check your local TV schedules for times!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 17th October 2003: Hello Everyone!

We have an update for you from South Africa! Lisa travelled there a few days after her success at the San Diego Film Festival. Patrick and Lisa's Personal Assistant (Sheree) who travelled with Lisa sent us a report describing their travels and adventures.

Sheree reports that when they arrived in South Africa, they walked straight into an African village surrounded by tribal warriors! (the set) Patrick was about to start an amazing fight scene which was shot over three days!

Sheree continues: "As you know, Patrick does his own stunts and so he had to remain focused as the scene was intense. We have seen some of the footage that has been shot - and I have to say Patrick's performance is exceptional - he is made for the role of Quartermain. The fans are going to be 'blown away.'

"Lisa and I managed to hire a car and drive out to the Cape of Good Hope and visit some of the surrounding towns and countryside. The African landscape is amazing - the colors are so rich. Table Mountain provides an awesome backdrop to Cape Town.

"Patrick wrapped on Friday 3rd October and he and Lisa are still in South Africa. They just returned from an 8 day safari in Botswana!"

Thanks to Team Swayze for keeping us up to date! Patrick and Lisa send you all their love and will be in touch again soon!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 7th October 2003: Hello Everyone!

Check out this great interview that Patrick did on the set of "King Solomon's Mines" in Cape Town:

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 22nd September 2003: Hello Everyone!

Aren't these pictures just absolutely amazing!!! Well, what do you think of Patrick in his latest role??? He looks right at home, don't you think? We have been sent these wonderful photos by Hallmark Entertainment to share with all of you. They show Patrick on location in the African savannah as they shoot scenes from "King Solomon's Mines". Many thanks to all the team at Hallmark!! The photos are Copyright Garth Stead and Property of Hallmark Entertainment. Enjoy the pictures!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Hello Everyone!

Patrick sends you all a big hug from South Africa! He is working in the city of Cape Town right now, shooting "King Solomon's Mines". Patrick's PA told us that he checked in with the office and that he is doing well. He told her it's a lot of hard work, but he is loving it!! Patrick sends his love to all of you and will be back in touch real soon!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 21st August 2003: Hello Everyone!

At the moment, Patrick is still in South Africa shooting "King Solomon's Mines" for the Hallmark Channel and he spent his birthday on 18th August travelling to Cape Town - but had a fun day anyway! Patrick has been in touch again from the set and he wants to thank you for all your birthday wishes and wonderful messages and he sends his love to you all!! Check back for more updates from Patrick in South Africa soon!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 9th August 2003: Hello Everyone!

Patrick has sent a wonderful report from the set of "King Solomon's Mines" in South Africa to keep you all up to date with what is happening on location. He is having a great time, that's for sure! Here is Patrick's PA with the latest directly from Patrick especially for you!

"Had a brief chat with Patrick today – boy is he working hard!!! The role of Quartermain is physically demanding – but Patrick sounds like he is really enjoying the part. Let’s face it – given his love of the outdoor life - Patrick IS Quartermain !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it seems like Patrick has bonded with an elephant called ‘Harry!’ Seems these two have been having a variety of adventures including (but not limited too!) Harry picking up Patrick with his tusks, shaking him and then throwing him to the ground. Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea – but you know Patrick - he loves this stuff!

Patrick worked closely with the elephant handlers – listening to their tone with the elephants – and then Patrick matched it. Next thing you know Patrick and Harry are best buddies! (Reminds me of the movie “When Harry Met Patrick!” Ha! Ha!)

When it came time for Patrick to leave – Harry sensed it. Even though he was in the middle of the herd - Harry turned around and came towards Patrick’s “Bwana-mobile” to say goodbye. He raised his trunk, and then proceeded to wrap it around Patrick’s head!

Good Grief!!!!

Well that’s all for now! Patrick and the crew are gradually making their way back towards Cape Town.

More updates next week!

Patrick sends his love to all the fans!"

Many thanks to Patrick and his PA for telling us all about the great times on the set! We can tell that Patrick is having a ball!! Watch this space for more updates soon!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 5th August 2003: Hello Everyone!

Check out where you can read a really great report from the Daily Dispatch online about Patrick's project and the positive effect the filming of King Solomon's Mines is having on the local economy of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa! One of the Production Crew is the son of a King! Patrick has been taken to the hearts of the people of the province, and he is interested in the conservation efforts in the region too.

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 1st August 2003: Hello Everyone!

We have a great surprise for you from Patrick - he made a call directly from the set of King Solomon's Mines in South Africa to his PA so she could pass along this message to all of you! She told us it's not always easy making a connection from South Africa, but Patrick kept at it, and he put in a long call to his PA with this news! Here is what she told us:

"Patrick rang from South Africa today and sends his love to his fans!

He wanted them to know that he is having an amazing time – Africa inspires him!

The shooting schedule is non-stop and they are capturing some amazing footage. The first week out in the bush was enjoyable with many nights spent around the camp fire doing re-writes.

Currently, they are staying in a hotel on a game reserve – but you know Patrick – he wants to put up his tent and stay out in the bush! His vehicle is kitted out with all of his outback gear and emergency supplies. He has named his vehicle “The Bwana-mobile!” (Sounds like something out of the Flintstones to me!)

Earlier this week, Patrick was wrestling with lions – well actually they were lion cubs – ha! ha! Patrick told me a funny story of this little, cute, baby, cub who broke free from his handler and scampered between Patrick’s legs and strolled right into the middle of the group – not roaring but purring deeply! – and Patrick’s horse was scared to death and started flipping out! Obviously, Patrick was able to calm his horse down – but he said everyone in the group was just laughing at this cute baby cub who was causing such havoc!

Today, Patrick was on horseback, leaping over wart hog holes whilst trying to escape a stampede of animals! Tomorrow he starts filming with the elephants (lions, leopards and goodness knows what else!) So watch this space!

Of course, it won’t surprise you to know that I have given him a new nickname – Jumanji Swayze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now!"

It sure sounds like Patrick is having a ball in South Africa!! Thank you so much to Patrick's PA for passing along his message, and we can't wait for the next installment of the "Adventures of Jumanji Swayze" on the set of King Solomon's Mines!!!!

We have also been contacted by Pam Slay of the Hallmark Channel who has told us that you can see Patrick's new miniseries in the US in March 2004 only on Hallmark Channel!! As soon as we know when it will be screened outwith the US, we'll let you know!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 15th July 2003: Hello Everyone!

Well, we have BIG NEWS for you direct from Patrick's Personal Assistant! Patrick has left Los Angeles to start work on a TV Mini-series for Hallmark Entertainment called "KING SOLOMON'S MINES". Patrick will be playing the lead role of "Quartermain". The shoot is due to start on July 21st for 10 weeks in and around Cape Town. Patrick arrived in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday (Monday July 14th) to start work on the TV Mini-series.

In the original novel, the main character, Allan Quatermain is a gentleman from Durban, Natal, South Africa who is a hunter/tracker/miner and is asked for help by Englishman Sir Henry Curtis to track down and find his missing brother who has gone in search of King Solomon's Diamond Mines. It's an amazing adventure and in the book, it takes place across the wildest deserts and terrains of South Africa.

Patrick is said to be really looking forward to starting the project! Patrick's Personal Assistant will keep us up to date with news as she gets it!

In friendship, Margaret.