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Thursday 18th August 2011: Hello friends and fans everywhere,

Today, on the commemoration of Patrick's birthday, please join with us in remembering him and the joy and happiness he gave to his fans all over the world; he is still sadly missed. We send our love and hugs to Lisa and all the family today.

If you wish to, please light a candle for Patrick. Please hug someone close to you and cherish them while they are still here with you.

In friendship,


Tuesday 14th September 2010: Hello everyone,

Today sees the launch of PanCAN's "Be a Hero in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer: Know it. Fight it. End it" campaign headed up by Lisa. You can read the PanCAN press release here and watch Lisa's video supporting the campaign by clicking here.

Lisa is asking for your help - remember Patrick by joining in the fight against this terrible disease. Here is an extract from Lisa's message from the PanCAN press release:

"Patrick often played a hero in his films and television shows. He was a real-life hero to me, our family, friends, and beloved by so many. He knew that true heroes are everyday folks–those who rise above their own pain and grief to make a difference in the lives of others. You can be one of them.

Please join me and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in becoming a hero in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Go to today, watch my video, hear my story–and then tell us yours.

Thank you for your support and heroic action

Lisa Niemi Swayze"

In friendship,

Sunday 12th September 2010: Hello everyone,

As you all know, Tuesday 14th September 2010 marks the first anniversary of Patrick's passing. Please join with us in remembering Patrick and the wonderful gifts he gave to the world. Our thoughts are with Lisa and all the family.

If you can, please give a donation to either Stand Up 2 Cancer, PanCAN or the Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Center. Thank you.

In friendship,

Tuesday 17th August 2010: Hello everyone,

Tomorrow on the commemoration of Patrick's birthday, wherever you are in the world, please join with us and remember Patrick and the wonderful memories that he helped create for us all.

Light a candle or say a prayer or hug someone close to you. Please send your thoughts and hugs to Lisa and all the family.

Our Swayze Buddies Julia from Tennessee and Heike from Germany sent us beautiful tributes that they wish to share with you on the occasion of Patrick's birthday. Please click on the images to watch their videos. Thank you Julia and Heike for the touching sentiments in the videos, they are truly heartwarming.

Link to Julia's video, Dancing with the Angels

In friendship,