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Thursday 17th September 2009: Hello everyone,

An important message from Paula:


I am still in the process of sending out to all of our Prayer Circle members a special Farewell To Patrick email. It has come to my notice that some of those to whom it has already been sent have received it without its blue background colour which means that the white text cannot be seen. This may be due to some ISPs or the settings on some people's computers. Anyhow, if you have received a Farewell To Patrick email from the Prayer Circle with photos on a white background and no text, please go to the Farewell To Patrick email on your computer, click Forward on your task bar as if you were going to send it to someone. Then click on Format - Background - Colour and choose blue. Click OK and the text on the email should 'magically' appear! If you don't understand how to do this, just email me for a new version which has blue text.

The Prayer Circle now has over 5000 members and yes, you can still join even though Patrick is no longer with us. Our prayers are now for dear Lisa and the other members of the Swayze and Niemi families. Some of you have already asked if the Prayer Circle will continue in honour of Patrick and this is something that I plan to make a decision about over the next few months. At the moment, the amount of work generated by our sudden loss of Patrick is keeping me more than busy. Consequently, please be patient if you have emailed the Prayer Circle and not yet received a reply - many thanks.

May God comfort us all at this very sad time.

Paula Blake Gellis
Adminstrator of Patrick's Prayer Buddies

Saturday 10th January 2009: Hello everyone, Here is an update from Paula.

All the publicity for the The Beast and Patrick and Lisa's interview with Barbara Walters has caused the number of members of the Prayer Circle to suddenly skyrocket to around 2,450. This is wonderful and all are welcome! However, right now I have a backlog of around 300 requests to join with more coming in every day. Please, therefore, be patient if you don't immediately receive a response.

A few people are sending in a blank email with just something like "I Want To Be A Prayer Buddy" in the subject line and are not telling me their name or the country they are living in. This inevitably causes delay in dealing with their request to join. So, please remember to include your NAME as you would like it to appear on the current Prayer List and the COUNTRY you live in. Many thanks!

Please note that messages for Patrick should be left on the Official Fan Club Guestbook: and not sent to the Prayer Circle. Alternatively, you can write to him via the address that appears on the Fan Club Home page.

Paula Blake Gellis

Sunday 7th December 2008: Hello everyone, Here is the latest update from Paula.

The Prayer Circle for Patrick, was created in March 2008 and now has over 1800 members worldwide of many different faiths and beliefs - all are welcome to join!  It is not necessary to pledge to pray for Patrick at a particular time, unless it is important to you to do so. Just pledging to pray for him every day will make you a Prayer Buddy. I also have a Private List for those who prefer not to have their name circulated among the other members of the Prayer Circle. If you would like to become one of Patrick's Prayer Buddies and receive the Prayer List, you can contact me at Please remember to include your name as you would like it to appear on the Prayer List and also tell me which country you live in.  Rest assured that your email address and other personal details will be kept private.  Do remember to let me know if you change your email address. Updates to the Prayer Circle will appear here from time to time, courtesy of Margaret.  Please note that as with the Official Fan Club, the Prayer Circle respects Patrick and Lisa's privacy and supports them both unreservedly.  Lastly, please do not misuse the Prayer Circle email address by sending chain letters or spam - many thanks!

Paula Blake Gellis