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Saturday 1st March 2003: Hello Everyone!

I received an e-mail from Lisa this afternoon telling us the thrilling details about the Philadelphia Film Festival! Here is what Lisa said:

"I wanted to let you know that directly after Houston, One Last Dance will be shown at the Philadelphia Film Festival. The film festival coincides with Philadelphia's "Festival of Dance" and they plan a big evening on April 7th with a dance performance to give Patrick an award for his "Contribution to Dance" + the mayor will give him the key to the city. The next evening, April 8th, will be a screening of the film.

"As you have found out (see our report of Patrick's phone call last Friday), the title "One Last Dance" won out. Thank you so much for the help everyone gave to that survey, it was the best barometer and really made a huge difference for us.

Thrilling news from Lisa - thank you Lisa for keeping us "in the loop"! This is so exciting!! It is a great honour indeed to be given the keys to the city by the mayor - wow! We are all with you, Patrick and Lisa - this is your special time!

Keep checking back for more updates and keep an eye on our news page too!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 1st March 2003: Hello Everyone,

Patrick and Lisa are having a great time showing "One Last Dance" to more interested studios! When we talked to their personal staff at Rancho Bizarro yesterday (Friday 28th February), they had been continuing to host screenings of the film for distributors and been busy on those phones!!! The film needs to have a distribution deal in place before it can be released into cineams. Hope to hear more about that really soon! There is a lot of interest in this film!!!!

The plans for the Houston Film Festival are going full steam ahead! It looks like it's going to be a wonderfully fun time in Houston! Remember to check out their website at for information on tickets etc. The ticket office for the festival have told Swayze Buddy Sue Tabashnik that the seating is first come first served and that the series ticket holders get to go in first. They said that the evening begins at 6:00pm and that Patrick and Lisa begin introducing the movie at 7:00pm and the movie starts at 7:15pm. The reception starts at 9:00pm. They told Sue that Patrick and Lisa would not be sitting during the movie but would be moving around. The festival ticket office have already had a wonderful response! Thanks for passing on that great news Sue!

In friendship, Margaret.