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Tuesday 5th June 2007:  Hello everyone!

Read this great review of Keeping Mum on DVD:

In friendship, Margaret.


Friday 20th October 2006:  Hello everyone!

Keeping Mum is now out in cinemas nationwide in the United States - hope you are all enjoying the movie!  It has received many rave reviews including one Swayze Buddy Sue has told us about in the Detroit Press - Sue says:  "Keeping Mum is reviewed in today's Detroit Free Press with 3 out of 4 stars. It will be playing at The Detroit Film Theatre at The Detroit Art Institute tonight(Friday)at 7pm  and Saturday, Oct 21 at 7pm, and on Sun. Oct 22 at 4pm." 

Thanks Sue! 

In friendship, Margaret.


Wednesday 20th September 2006:  Hello everyone!

Keeping Mum will be released nationwide in the USA from 29th September.  To see a full detailed list of cities and dates you can see the movie, please go to  click on the Keeping Mum banner and then click on "Click here for tickets and showtimes" 

Enjoy the movie!
In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 30th June 2006: Hello Everyone!

Fabulous news for fans of Patrick who live in or near Maine in the United States.  "Keeping Mum" will close the Maine International Film Festival and will be screened in the Waterville Opera House on 23rd July 2006.

The Festival runs from 14th July to 23rd July in Waterville, Maine.  Check out this article for more information about the Festival screening of Keeping Mum or visit the Festival website at:
In friendship, Margaret.


Thursday 22nd June 2006: Hello Everyone!

Great news for fans in the USA - the publicity company for the film has told us that Keeping Mum will have a limited opening in New York on September 15th (Thinkfilm) and plans for its wider release are to be announced later. Fantastic news!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 19th May 2006: Hello Everyone!

Great news for all you fans in the USA - Patrick's film "Keeping Mum" should be coming your way soon! Check out this report from Yahoo:

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 14th March 2006: Hello Everyone!

As we reported below on this page, Keeping Mum is released into German cinemas on 30th March. Patrick's PA told us Patrick is planning to record an interview this week for the TV station RTL and their top entertainment show called "Exklusiv Weekend" which will air on or before the premiere! So those of you in Germany - keep a lookout for that show!

Also, great news for the team who were involved in Keeping Mum - as we reported on this page, the film was screened at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival's Film Discovery Program last week and it won their Award for Best Screenplay. Congratulations everyone! You can read more about it here.

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 8th March 2006: Hello Everyone!

Great news for fans in Colorado USA! Keeping Mum is being screened this week in Aspen at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival's Film Discovery Program. Check out this article for more information.

Fantastic news too for fans in Germany. Keeping Mum will be in cinemas from 30th March but there are preview screenings in most major cities in Germany on 17th March - check this site out for more information. Thank you to Swayze Buddy Simone for that great news!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 22nd February 2006: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Sue has sent us some great news! Keeping Mum will be released in the UK on DVD on 20th March 2006. It's Region 2, the catalogue number is: EDV9389 and it's released by Entertainment in Video. Most online video and DVD stores will take a pre-order from customers.

Thanks Sue!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 5th February 2006: Hello Everyone!

Here's a great link from Swayze Buddy Marie - it's from the Talpa TV website and it shows a 30 minute film of the making of Keeping Mum! It's a fantastic film and includes interviews with the cast - enjoy!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 29th December 2005: Hello everyone!

Thank you to Swayze Pal Simone from the Netherlands who has written to tell us how much she likes Keeping Mum! Simone wrote:
"Hello, I am Simone (13) and I am from Holland. Yesterday (27-12-05) I was go to the movie Keeping Mum. Patrick was wonderful! It was a great movie and I have enjoyed it! Love, Simone PS: Sorry about my English."

Glad you enjoyed the film Simone! In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 12th December 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Paula has found this great online Audio of Patrick on Capital FM! Listen to the entire interview - enjoy!

Thanks Paula!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 8th December 2005: Hello Everyone!

Thanks go again to Swayze Buddy Paula for keeping up the great flow of links to articles related to Keeping Mum - first off, a great video interview with Kristin Scott Thomas and in the menu on the right side of that same page, a link to an interview with the Director of Keeping Mum, Niall Johnson.


IC Wales

Female First

Thanks again Paula!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 4th December 2005: Hello everyone!

More great articles about Keeping Mum!

Future Movies

Sky Movies

The Mirror Newspaper

IC North Wales

The Evening Times

Thanks again to Swayze Buddy Paula for sending them on!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 1st December 2005: Hello everyone!

Yet more great news reports and a fantastic video interview with Patrick and Lisa at the Keeping Mum premiere in London!

IC Teesside



Hello magazine

Manchester Online click on Patrick's picture to see the video interview

and this article

Thanks again to Swayze Buddy Paula for all these great links!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 29th November 2005: Hello everyone!

Yet more great pictures on the internet from the Premiere of Keeping Mum last night - fantastic! Check them out here.

Also, there's a great interview in today's printed Daily Mail in the UK, or on their website here and you will see other similar press and internet reports. Thanks again to Paula for both of those pieces of information.

Patrick and Lisa flew to Italy today where Patrick will be making an appearance - if we have more details later, we'll pass them along to you.

Those of you who made it to Leicester Square last night - hope you had a great time!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 29th November 2005: Hello everyone!

Swayze Buddy Paula was at the Vue cinema last night and saw Patrick and Lisa arrive at the World Premiere of Keeping Mum! Paula says:

"We had a fabulous time last night! Here are some pix already online:

Wire Image

I actually got in on one of these shots! Number 6612631. LOL!

More here on Getty Images.

and go here too.

Thanks Paula! If your browser doesn't load the pages of Patrick and Lisa at the premiere, please type Patrick's name in the "search" box at the top of the website page.

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 26th November 2005: Hello everyone!

We have some more information from Patrick's PA about the timing of things on Monday evening at the Keeping Mum World Premiere in London. Patrick will arrive early at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, London so that he can say Hi to all his fans outside the theatre when he arrives. We want you to be there early too so you don't miss him. Patrick will arrive in Leicester Square sometime between 5.45pm and 6.30pm so be sure to be there! We hope you enjoy seeing all the celebrities arrive at the Vue!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 25th November 2005: Hello everyone!

Some more details about the TV appearances Patrick will be making over the next few days.

As we mentioned on this page, Patrick will be on the Friday night with Jonathan Ross which is airing tonight at 10.30pm. T4 is airing tomorrow morning (Saturday). Strictly Come Dancing (It Takes 2) is airing Monday at 6.30pm and the Richard and Judy Show airs on Tuesday at 5pm. Enjoy it all!

Swayze Buddy Paula has written to us: "The Keeping Mum soundscore is released on 28th Nov. It is available from at 9.99 - post free in the UK. It is also available from but the price is a bit higher. Catalogue number: FAIRY001." Paula also mentioned that the weather outlook for the premiere evening on Monday is very cold, snow and rain, so please come well prepared if you are coming to Leicester Square to see Patrick arrive at the cinema. Thanks Paula !

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 24th November 2005: Hello everyone!

A reminder that the World Premiere of Patrick's new movie "Keeping Mum" is to be at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, London on Monday evening (28th November) so you can see Patrick arriving at the cinema with all the other celebrities!

We have some interview information for you all. As we mentioned already on this page, Patrick will be appearing on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Show tonight on BBC1. On Sunday, Patrick will be on T Four on Sunday and the Richard and Judy Show on Tuesday. Patrick has also done a short interview for Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes 2 ! Keep watching!

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 20th November 2005: Hello Everyone!

The Publicists for Keeping Mum have been in touch with us to tell us the World Premiere of Keeping Mum will be at the Vue Cinema, Leicester Square in London on Monday 28th November 2005. Patrick will also be a guest on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show on 25th November on BBC1 in the UK and keep an eye on the press and TV for other appearances.

There will also be a Premiere for Keeping Mum in Cornwall (one of the locations for the shooting of the film) on 1st December to benefit the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity who are hosting that event and will boost funds by running a raffle. The Cornwall premiere will take place at the The Plaza Cinema in Truro, Cornwall and all proceeds will go to the charity.

All our best wishes go to the organisers of both events and we hope they are a great success!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 16th November 2005: Hello everyone!

The publicity company for Keeping Mum in the UK has told us the official website for the movie is now online! Check it out at: Fantastic!

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 31st October 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Simone Gradl has told us about this great website showing the trailer and stills from Keeping Mum - it's hilarious! Keeping Mum is scheduled for release in Australia on 26th January 2006. Thanks Simone!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 29th October 2005: Hello Everyone!

The Publicity company for the movie have told us that "Keeping Mum" is scheduled for release in the UK on 2nd December and if you are planning a trip to the cinema in the UK soon, you can catch the trailer for Keeping Mum showing with "Kinky Boots"!!

Swayze Buddy Simone in Germany has told us there are some great photos from Keeping Mum on this website: including one with Patrick and Kristin Scott Thomas! Simone tells us that the movie is scheduled to be in the cinemas in the Netherlands on 15th December. Thanks Simone!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 10th March 2005: Hello Everyone!

Check out this great news article and photo of Patrick from the Isle of Man Today newspaper where you can read about the filming of Keeping Mum moving to the Isle of Man!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 2nd February 2005: Hello Everyone!

Really exciting news for you all! Patrick has a new project called "Keeping Mum". You can read more about it on this report. Patrick is rehearsing his role at the moment and he will start shooting in mid-February! We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information!

In friendship, Margaret.