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Thursday 15th August 2002: Green Dragon will open this evening in Vancouver - check out the Film's official website at for more information!

Friday 2nd August 2002: Green Dragon continues to do well in the cinema - here are more great reviews you can find on the internet about this wonderful film:

Thursday 18th July 2002: Did you check out our read-only bulletin board entry from Tuesday with the link to the USA Today website interview?? Here is another link to one of the interviews that Patrick did this week to promote "Green Dragon". New York radio host Leonard Lopate's half hour show which includes the interview with Patrick can be heard at -

Did you manage to catch the Conan O'Brien show on Tuesday, or The View on Wednesday? Didn't Patrick look great!! Patrick feels very passionately about this movie so go and see Green Dragon if it is showing in your area!

Thanks to Official Fan Club member Paula Hanbury who has told us she spotted that "Green Dragon" will be out in the USA on Region 1 DVD later in the year on 10th September 2002, which is great news especially for those of you who are not near a cinema showing the film. The catalogue number will be 09419 (ASIN catalogue number B00006BS7R) and you can order in advance as from 13th August. The DVD includes Trailers, a Behind-the-Scenes featurette, cast and crew filmographies and audio commentary by Director Timothy Linh Bui and Director of Photography Karmer Morganthau. It's also available on VHS video (rental-quality format) ASIN catalogue number: B00006CXI0 from Columbia Tristar from 10th September.

Monday 15th July 2002 - Set your video recorders folks! Patrick has told us his full schedule of interviews while he is in New York for a few days to promote "Green Dragon". The film will be released in New York on Friday 19th July.

Here is Patrick's interview schedule:

Tuesday 16th July:

USA Today website interview

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Interview with Leonard Lopate

Wednesday 17th July:

The View with Barbara Walters

Interview with Jeffrey Lyons (taped)

Go get 'em Patrick!

Monday 15th July 2002 - The publicist for Green Dragon has given us these new release dates for cities in the United States:

Dallas July 26

Houston July 26

Portland August 2

Vancouver August 2 (this release may be delayed due to a Newspaper strike in Vancouver).

Remember to keep checking their Official movie website at for release dates in a city near you!

Saturday 29th June 2002 -

More release dates from the publicist for "Green Dragon":

Honolulu - July 5th

Houston - July 19th

Dallas - July 19th

Enjoy the movie if it is in your area!

Monday 24th June 2002: Keep checking out the Green Dragon website as there have been some recent changes to release dates for the film across some US cities as follows:

July 5th -

San Jose, California (Camera 3 Cinemas)
San Francisco (UA Galaxy Theater)
Oakland and Berkeley TBD

July 19th -

New York (The Quad)
Houston and Dallas, Texas - TBD (previously June 28th)

August 2nd -

Portland, Oregon (Hollywood Theater)

July/August -

Boston, Massachusetts - TBD
Washington D.C - TBD
Seattle, Washington - TBD

Tuesday 11th June 2002: There have been several changes to the release schedule for "Green Dragon". The publicist for the film has told us that the early reaction from the New York press has been positive which is great news! The film is now opening:

June 21st - Open PORTLAND (Hollywood Theater)
July 5- Hawaii (does not coincide with film festival)
July 5 - Open SEATTLE
July 14 - Open SAN JOSE/MENLO PARK (Camera Theater in San Jose)
July 21 or 28 - Open SAN FRANCISCO
July 19 - Open NEW YORK (Quad)

We'll be sure to keep you posted as we are told of any further changes!

Green Dragon is to be screened at 7.30pm on 14th June at the Maui Film Festival and there are now also new city release dates on the Green Dragon Movie website. Check them out by clicking on and then click on "Showtimes" to see if you will be able to see it near you!

Tuesday 28th May 2002: Green Dragon is still currently scheduled to open in New York and San Francisco/San Jose on 14th June. It will be appearing at the Denver Film Festival on 31st May and at the Maui Film Festival in the middle of June although we don't yet know the exact dates. Green Dragon should also open up sometime in July in Dallas and Houston and we will be sure to let you know as soon as we have more definite information.

Friday 10th May 2002: We've been told that Green Dragon is doing tremendously well in its first week in cinemas. Check out the movie's site at and go to "reviews" for reports links in the Los Angeles Times. The film is scheduled to open in New York and San Francisco on 14th June.

Tuesday 30th April 2002: Patrick and Lisa took a break and spent some time relaxing over the weekend at their Ranch. They returned to Los Angeles especially so that Patrick could attend the special Premiere of "Green Dragon" at the Galaxy Theatre on Monday evening (29th April). We are all so looking forward to seeing Green Dragon which had such a wonderful reception at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2001. Please remember you can check out their Official Film site at for the screening times either in Los Angeles at Laemmle's Music Hall in Beverly Hills or at South Coast Village Cinemas, Costa Mesa. They will be releasing the film in New York shortly and then expanding the release to more theatres later. Watch out for more announcements from their Official Film site giving details of the venues where you can see Green Dragon in a theatre near you!!

Friday 19th April 2002: Check out the Official website for the movie Green Dragon just new online last night (Thursday 18th April 2002) at