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Wednesday 7th April 2010: Hello everyone,

The Director of "George and the Dragon", Tom Reeve, has been in touch with us to give us this exciting news:

"Just as an update we are releasing the DVD of "George and the Dragon" in the UK to coincide with St. George's Day on April 23rd 2010. The DVD is unique because it has an interview with Patrick that no other DVD distributor used and deleted scenes that also have Patrick in them."

You can read more about the release here. Grateful thanks!

In friendship,


Friday 18th August 2006 (Patrick's birthday - yayy!) : Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Crystal has told us that Dragon Sword (AKA George and the Dragon) is to be shown on TV in the States next week! It will be screened on Saturday August 26th at 09:00P on SciFi Channel and also four hours later on the same channel. Enjoy it!

In friendship,

Monday 23rd May 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Simone Gradl has written to tell us some great news! Two of Patrick's films will be on TV in Germany soon including George and the Dragon. On 10th June, Donnie Darko will be screened on Premiere 1 at 20.15 hours. On 11th June "George und das Ei des Drachen"(George and the Dragon) will be shown on Disney Channel at 18.30 hours - thanks Simone, fantastic!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 29th January 2005: Hello Everyone!

Great news from Doc Hollywood Kidz about the soundtrack of George and the Dragon - read this article here!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 11th January 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Fan Deborah from the Netherlands has let us know that George and the Dragon is available for rent in the Netherlands! Thanks for letting us know Deborah!

In friendship, Margaret.

Wednesday 22nd December 2004: Hello Everyone!

Great news for German fans! Swayze Buddy Birte from Germany has told us:
"I think all the German fans should know that "George and the Dragon" is out on dvd in Germany. It's called "George und das Ei des Drachen" over here and it's been out for rent since November, 2nd. It'll be out for sale Feb., 2nd 2005. I won an eBay auction and got my copy of the movie a couple of weeks ago. Watched it right away and what can I say???? It's absolutely great!!!!! Everyone in Germany should make sure to get a copy of the film as soon as possible!!!!!"
Thanks Birte!

The DVD catalogue details are as follows: DVD for rent: Bst.-Nr. 500930, EAN 4006680032429. DVD for sale from 08.02.2005: Bst.-Nr. 500930, EAN 4006680032429

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 9th November 2004: Hello Everyone!

An exciting development about George and the Dragon! Check out this report about the company Doc Hollywood Kidz involvement in the project. It looks like we might be hearing some release informatione really soon! Watch this space for more news as we get it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 30th March 2004: Hello Everyone!

The opening of the Cinenygma Film Festival went very well - all the tickets were sold out as many many people tried to see this fantastic film! The Newspaper Luxemburger Wort featured a report about the opening night online. You can read it in German by visiting their site here and click on the link to the Cinenygma report from their front page. If you do not understand the German language, you can read the English version of the article below, very kindly translated by our Swayze Buddy Jeanny from Luxembourg!

In friendship, Margaret.

Translation of the article published in Luxemburger Wort on 29th March 2004

Cinénygma festival opening

The six-day festival shows the luxembourgish co-production of “George and the Dragon” as a world premiere

On Sunday evening the 8th edition of Cinénygma Film Festival opened with the presence of the Grand Duke Henri and the Grande Duchess Maria Teresa in the cinema Utopolis. On that occasion the luxembourgish co production “George and the Dragon” was shown. The fantastic adventure film was mainly shot in Luxembourg, among other things in the studios of The Carousel Picture Company in Dommeldange and at Vianden castle.

The Grand Duke had visited the film team there two years ago and had met the main actors Patrick Swayze, Val Kilmer, James Purefoy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Piper Perabo and Jean-Pierre Castaldi.

“George and the Dragon” plays in the year 1101 in England and inspires on the legend of Saint George: the dragon slayer is searching a princess who has been kidnapped by a dragon.

Yesterday evening the grand ducal couple was welcomed by the director and producer Tom Reeve, by the luxembourgish co producer Romain Schroeder, by Cinénygma-manager Romain Roll and by Nico Simon, administrator from Utopia S.A.

Among the guests were Prince Louis, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and the Minister of Communication François Biltgen.

The “Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival” will show about 20 films mainly attributed to the “cinema fantastique” until next Friday. In the Cinémathèque in the city there will be a retrospective with films of the legendary “Hammer” studios.

On 2nd April the festival will close in Utopolis at 19.30 with the awards ceremony (“Méliès d’Argent”, “Grand Prix Cinénygma”, “Prix du meilleur court métrage”) and from 22.30 on with the 10th edition of the “Night of the Fantastic Film”.

Saturday 27th March 2004: Hello Everyone!

We have sent our very best wishes to the Cinenygma Festival organisers for a successful Luxembourg International Film Festival. George and the Dragon is their opening night film tomorrow, Sunday 28th March. They have told me that the seats to see George and the Dragon are sold out and there is a long long waiting list!!!! The demand for tickets has been fantastic and they are looking forward to the opening night at which their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are their honoured guests.

Have you checked out the movie website recently at ? They have just put up lots of new photos from the film - there are now five pages of fabulous pictures on the making of the movie and six pages of stills from the movie!

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 15th March 2004: Hello Everyone!

More on George and the Dragon from Carousel Pictures! George and the Dragon, as Jeanny reported, will open the Cinenygma Film Festival on Sunday 28th March 2004. Carousel say that Patrick will not be attending the screening at the Festival, but it's sure to be a wonderful event!

Carousel also told us that they are finalising the release details for the film, and the date of release may be as soon as May this year! Looking forward to it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 13th March 2004: Hello Everyone!

Fabulous news from Swayze Buddy Jeanny Lentz from Luxembourg!!

Jeanny writes: "I have big news about George and the Dragon. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read today's national newspaper "Luxemburger Wort" that "George and the Dragon" will be shown at the 8th Cinénygma Luxembourg International Film Festival on 28th March in the cinema complex Utopolis in Luxemburg city. (more on the website )

That festival will be held from 28th March to 4th April and George and the Dragon will be shown as a world premiere on 28th March at the cinema Utopolis in Luxembourg City as the opening film of that festival."

Thanks Jeanny! This is wonderful news about George and the Dragon - hope that lots of you will make it to Luxembourg to see the film! We'll pass on any more information as we get it.

In friendship, Margaret.

Sunday 26th October 2003: Hello Everyone!

Carousel Pictures have told us that the complete film George and the Dragon was delivered in mid-October 2003 and is now being looked at by distributors. Negotiations are still under way between the interested parties (Warner Brothers name was mentioned, isn't that great!!!) so let's hope they like it!! Carousel told us the film may be released nearer February 2004. We'll keep you posted on any developments!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 6th May 2003: Hello Everyone!

Carousel Pictures have told us that they are very close to finishing the new Dragon! By the end of next week, they should have the visual effects finished. Carousel told us there will be a screening of "George and the Dragon" at the Cannes Film Festival this year - not in competition, but for industry viewing and prospective buyers. Carousel told us that they are close to closing a domestic distribution deal (USA) and within three or four weeks, they will have a better idea of future theatrical release dates! Watch this space for more news as we get it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 7th February 2003: Hello Everyone!

I've just been speaking to the Casting Director of George and the Dragon who has been keeping the Official Fan Club informed about progress on the film.

The Director of the film was back on location in Scotland last week in the middle of all that terrible weather we have had here!!! He and a small unit were filming some additional shots for a scene at the beginning of the film. They were back at the lake to shoot some extra background material that was required for the special effects team.

The team in charge of their special effects are really doing very well on this unique part of the project and the Producers are very very happy with what they have seen so far of the dragon design development!

Because of the extra time that such a complex project is taking, it is more likely that the film will not be released around Easter as originally planned. The release and distribution details are still under discussion and it might well be May 2003 or later before it is released.

Sincere thanks go to the Carousel Picture Company who have been so generous with their help in keeping us informed - thanks to all the team! When the special effects are completed, we should have more information to pass along to you, so watch this space!!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Saturday 14th September 2002: We have heard from the Carousel Picture Company in Luxembourg that they are in the process of making a deal with a US studio for a theatrical release of "George and the Dragon" at the earliest around Easter 2003. The film will be released first in the United States with a European release to follow closely after that. Watch this space for more news as we get it!

Tuesday 28th May 2002: The editing of George and the Dragon is still going according to plan. It should be completed during the summer and then the Post-production team will move on to the Music score and sound effects. As we mentioned before, the design of the dragon and the CGI effects take a long time to do. They are the last things to be put together in the film and may not be completed until October. A new promotional reel for George and the Dragon was prepared for showing at the Cannes Film Festival to raise awareness of the film and one of the daily magazines for the Festival in Cannes showed the movie still from the film featuring Patrick, Piper Perabo and Jean-Pierre Castaldi with the Dragon's egg (you can see it on the movie's official site at The interest and excitement for the film is increasing!!

30th April 2002: More news from the set of George and the Dragon in Luxembourg (and here in Bonnie Scotland!). Today and tomorrow (Tuesday 30th April and Wednesday 1st May) there is a small unit filming at Loch Ness in Scotland. This will conclude the filming part of this great project! Patrick's part in the shooting schedule finished up the beginning of April but the Company still had a few scenes to shoot and that will be completed this week. Although this is not a definite estimate, the editing process should take place during the months of May and June in Luxembourg and England and the special effects process will continue until about October. They are still working on the fantastic dragon which will be amazing!