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"Orry Main"


Cast: Patrick Swayze (Orry Main), James Read (George Hazard), Lesley-Anne Down (Madeline Fabray), David Carradine (Justin LaMotte). Guest Stars include Jean Simmons, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly, Olivia Cole and Robert Mitchum.

The miniseries to end all miniseries! Surely one of the favourites of all Patrick Swayze Fans, since it lasts for over 18 hours!! The story of two families, at once united against a common enemy in Mexico, suddenly become foes in the Civil War between the Northern and Southern States of America.

Patrick´s character is Orry Main, the son of a Southern Gentleman. He assists Madeline Fabray when her carriage is overturned after her horses bolted. Alas, Orry is already on his way to Military Academy and has to stay for two years. The two are instantly attracted to one another, and make a pledge to write.

Orry meets his "first Damn Yankee" George Hazard, soon to be his best friend, on the way to West Point. Their friendship lasts for many years, through the Mexican Campaign and through the bad years when Orry tries to forget Madeline after she becomes Mrs LaMotte. George and Orry hold different views, just as the North and South held opposite opinions on many things, but they agree to differ, and remain friends, becoming business partners. However, when Civil War is declared, both men have to go where their backgrounds have destined them to be, on opposite sides.

Orry never stops loving Madeline, and at long last his fidelity is rewarded when he rescues her from her cruel husband and takes her to his mother at Mont Royal, his home. North and South is a great teacher of US Civil War History, as well as a wonderful love story. The factual information on the Battles and tactics of the two sides is accurate. Orry and Madeline are fated to be together. A superb body of work!