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Thursday 13th July 2006: Hello Everyone!

Great news for fans in the UK - 11:14 will be released nationwide into cinemas tomorrow Friday 14th July. Enjoy it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 31st October 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Simone Gradl has sent us great news for German fans! The DVD of 11:14 is due out in Germany on 29th December. after a successful run in German cinemas.

Simone wrote in German: "Habe noch eine Info zum Film " 11:14", wann die Deutsche DVD kommt. Am 29.12.05 gibt es die DVD zum ausleihen. Habe eine Infoseite gefunden. "

Thank you Simone!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 11th October 2005: Hello Everyone,

As we previewed on 8th August, 11:14 is released today on DVD in the USA and Canada - hope you enjoy it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 8th August 2005: Hello Everyone!

Good news for fans in North America - 11:14 is to be released in October this year. Click here for a full report.

In friendship, Margaret.

Monday 25th July 2005: Hello Everyone!

Swayze Buddy Marie has written to us: "I am pleased to inform you that the "11:14" DVD is out in France on 20 July 2005 ! Of course, I already bought it ! ( Languages : English and French . Subtitles : French only ) I hope everybody will enjoy these news." Thank you Marie!

Swayze Buddy Simone has written to tell us that 11:14 will be in German Cinemas from 1st September 2005! That's great news! In Deutsch von Simone: Patrick`s Film "11:14" kommt am 1. September 2005 in Deutschen Kinos. Danke Simone!

Thanks to both of you for these great updates!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 14th October 2003: Hello Everyone!

MDP Worldwide have told us that 11:14 was really well received at both the Toronto Film Festival and the Deauville Film Festival! They also told us that 11:14 has the honour to be showing at the opening night of the Hollywood Film Festival which opens tomorrow (Wednesday) night! It's an invitation only US Premiere for the movie!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Thursday 21st August 2003: Hello Everyone!

Wonderful news has come to us from the Toronto Film Festival Press Office that 11:14 will be shown at the Festival which runs from 4th - 13th September! Their screening schedule will be on their website at on 26th August and you can find out when 11:14 will be on the big screen at the Toronto Film Festival!!! The buzz around this movie is amazing - take the chance to go and see it if you can!!

In friendship, Margaret.

Tuesday 6th May 2003: Hello Everyone!

Just an update on the status of 11:14. MDP (Worldwide) have told us that 11:14 is completed and being screened for distribution. MDP told us there are offers from distributors and they are comtemplating them now. When we met Patrick in Houston, he told us there is a lot of positive buzz about this movie! Watch this space for more information as we get it!

In friendship, Margaret.

Friday 30th August 2002: We have more news from Patrick about the film he is shooting right now in Los Angeles. Patrick's character he is playing in the film "11:14" is called Frank Gouldson.

Patrick has had his hair cut shorter into a different style for the film. To give you an idea of his look for this movie, we can explain that it's now shorter than when he appeared at the Paramount Party with Lisa, but not as short as in Green Dragon! It's light brown for this character of Frank Gouldson. When we get more news from Patrick about the film, we'll pass it along!

Thursday 22nd August 2002: Well, everything is hotting up for Patrick's new project! (check out our newsflash of 16th August on the bulletin board too) The title of the film is 11:14 and as well as Patrick, it stars Hilary Swank (also Executive Producer) and filming started this week in Los Angeles.

Patrick has told us that he was in rehearsals during Saturday 17th August and yesterday (Wednesday 21st August) he was having costume fittings. Today he is going to the hair and make-up departments!! Patrick's part in the shooting begins later this week. As soon as we hear more from Patrick, we'll pass it along!